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Who is Ezzz Lifestyle That?
Ezzz Lifestyle is a brand owned by Ezzz Clothing. Ezzz is a black-owned e-commerce company founded in Atlanta, GA in 2017. Since day one, our most important goal was and continues to be customer satisfaction. We feel that our customers come first and are always right. Our goal is to be committed to providing high-quality products, in a timely manner to all our customers. Ezzz Clothing understands that customers experience while making an online purchase is KEY and we want to make it easy, convenient and satisfying as possible.
What do we provide?
Ezzz clothing is an E-commerce Company that prides itself on providing the hottest innovative designs and fashion on the market. We work hard researching new products that are just entering the market to supply our customers with only the best.
Product Quality
Ezzz Clothing products are manufactured with stringent quality control to provide the highest of quality yet remain cutting edge and state of the art. Our products are sometimes needed for any special occasion, full-fill a desire or to be the perfect gift.
If You Need to Reach Out to Us
Please feel free to contact us at or call (800) 203-9959 with any questions or concerns that are not answered on our site.
4730 UNIVERSITY WAY NE, STE 104 #2200, SEATTLE, WA, 98105