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Depending on several factors like destination and the size and quantity of your item(s), production turnaround varies but almost all orders are shipped within 2-7 business days from the order submission date.


When is my Order sent to Production?

Orders are sent to production after payment is received. Daily cutoff time refers to a period during the day when orders stop being processed. If an order is received before the daily cutoff time, it will go into production. Orders submitted after the daily cutoff time will be produced the following day.


Why is my order taking so long?

Reasons for orders being in production longer than usual could include: 


  1. The garment is out of stock and needs to be ordered in. (If the delay is just a few days, the Print Providers do not necessarily inform us.)
  2. The order did not pass the post-production quality check and needs to be reprinted to ensure that only the highest-quality product is shipped out.
  3. If there is an issue with an item in the order, the whole order will be delayed.
  4. Large orders of 12 items or more may take additional production time

If your order has not been updated or shipped after 7 business days from submission, please submit an inquiry through by emailing us at or call 800-203-9959


Orders are sent to production only after payment for the order is received. If you have a linked credit card or sufficient balance, your orders are sent to production according to your order approval settings.